Highbury Korfball

Welcome to Highbury Korfball Club

London’s fastest growing korfball club.

We’re getting bigger, better, stronger and it’s no surprise that our performances on the pitch and our socials off it were as good as ever last season. We have four teams catering for all abilities and experience. From top performers in our 1st and 2nd teams, to recreational players, beginners and those striving to improve their game in our 3rd and 4th teams. For the first time in our history we are competing in a national level league – in the EKA Promotion League - and are firmly pushing on to get a place in England korfball’s top league. We are completely beginner friendly, and welcome anyone who wants to give this unique sport a go. Originating in The Netherlands, korfball is the only mixed-sex team sport officially recognised by the IOC. As a club we make sure we have fun off the pitch and recent socials have ranged from laser tag in the forest and a trip to the circus, to pub golf and the Notting Hill Carnival. Join us for a session to find out for yourself just what’s making so many Londoners join north and central London’s premier korfball club.

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Ben Hale