Many of our members play korfball for the social-side of the game, and we have a very active social scene at Highbury led by our social secretaries Vicki and Pas!

From laser tag in the forest to post-match pub sessions, and themed nights-out to pub golf, we certainly know how to a good time together when we aren’t playing korfball.

Our end of season party in May and Christmas party in December are legendary, and are certainly not to be missed!

Social gallery

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Camden Beach – August 2016 Leicester tournament – July 2016
Beach2016-thumb Leicester2016-thumb
T20 cricket – June 2016 UEA tournament – May 2016
T20-thumb UEA2016-thumb
End-of-season party – May 2016 Attila – April 2016
AGM 2016 thumb Attila 2016 thumb
Thirsty Thursday – March 2016 Mini-golf – Feb 2016
Fable 300x200 golf 300x200
Bowling – Jan 2016 Christmas party – Dec 2015
Bowling 300x200 Xmas 300x200