Congratulations to the winners of our awards, presented at our end of season party on 3rd June.

1st team MVP Steve
2nd team MVP Kate
3rd team MVP Karthik
4th team MVP Craig Hilton
5th team MVP Mike Egan

HKC top scorer Ally
1st team top scorer Vicki
2nd team top scorer Darryl
3rd team top scorer Matthew Dodds
4th team top scorer Brad
5th team top scorer Mike Egan

1st team coach’s choice Moses
2nd team coach’s choice Bernard
3rd team coach’s choice Philippa
4th team coach’s choice Rosey
5th team coach’s choice Gemma T

Squad newcomer Helen
Dev squad newcomer Jack Birch

Korf Shark Mike Egan
Best Bum Emma
Korf Idol Ally
Champagne Moment George’s celebration v Bec 3
Socialite Rich
Sore Loser James
Korf Clown Tom B
Korf Model Vicki
Best newcomer Ally
Man of the year Ally
Woman of the year Rosie