She’s Highbury’s favourite Aussie, plays every match with a smile on her face and has already killed it in fancy dress. We caught up with Sasha to chat about starting a new sport and her best moments of the summer.


Where did you hear about korfball?
The Time Out app. I just rocked up and the lovely Helen helped me find everyone and learn the rules.

How have you found the social side of Highbury?
The social side is just what I was looking for being very fresh to the country! From the first session everyone was introducing themselves and being friendly. The socials feel just like being back at college! It seems like you can pick and choose your level of sociability and everyone is cool with that.

Best korfball moment of the summer?
Best summer moment has been the Bristol tournament. It was fun to learn to play there, the other players were so friendly and the music was awesome to play to. Not to mention drunkenly teaching the boys about a barracuda!

What are you most excited for this season?
I’m most excited about getting into a team, learning more about how to play and getting to know the group really well.


If you’re looking for a new sport to play, or to meet new people, get in touch! We’re looking for korfers of all levels to join the club and we would love to hear from you.