Just four short months until our amazing 20th Birthday party takes place! The 45 people below already have their tickets, if you haven’t got yours yet then make sure you book yours here!

We’re also offering a discount if you book for 3 people or more! If you make a group booking then you’ll benefit from a discount of £5 per person; use this form to make a group booking.


Name Years Played
Abby Walker Now
Amy Crawford 2016-present
Amy Redston Current Player
Anna Al-Damluji 2014-2017 ish
Brad Kaye 2013-present
Brett Bennett-Smith 2006-2012
Cassie Bode Now
Craig Morgan 2010 – present
Darryl Light 2011 – Current
Dennis Hartsink 2015
Drew Smith Currently
Edith Bardin
Floraine Arbey since 2015
Gemma Tremlett Currently
Georgina Gilchrist Current
Greg Ros 2013 – Now
Hannah ackerley 2016-2018
Hannah Evans First in 2005 and currently
Helen Gilmore Current
Jack Birch 2016/17
James Sipthorpe Current
Jonathan Riordan Current
Karthik Ramulu 2014 – present
Kate Sherring Current player
Kristina Tubby N/A
Laura Goulden Currently
Leonie Ansems de Vries 2008 for some time and again later (2014/5??)
Liz Garlick 2005-2009
Matt Gould Present member
Matthew Dodds 2013-present
Michael Shute 2013-2015
Mike Egan Current
Mo H-Pascal Forever!
Nicc H-Pascal 2008-now
Nick Leighton 2008 to 2013 ish
Rachel Dixon 2006-c.2014
Richard Hayward 2010 – 2018
Rosie Oxenbury 2015-present
Sarah-Louise Burgess 2011-present
Sasha Miles 2018
Seb 2006
Shah Munir 2009 – 201x approx!
Simon Mackie 2008-2014
Tiago Carvalho 2016
Yukiko Kishimoto 2017-8