Craig Hilton

Craig Hilton


Craig makes sure everything at the club runs smoothly, he is passionate about all things korfball – if he’s not at something korfball related, it’s probably not worth being at.

Drew Smith

Drew Smith

Development & Welfare

Drew is the first point of contact for new people looking to join the club, it’s also his job to make sure new people settle in and have all the info they need. He also looks after welfare.


Gemma Tremlett


Gemma ensures all the club’s admin is done, this includes registering players with the league, and organising committee meetings.

Caitlin Adams


Caitlin is in charge of making sure the club can pay for sports halls and new equipment.

Joel Smith & Laura ‘Goldini’

Digital & Publicity

Joel and Laura love to take a picture of the latest training, matches or socials! They keep everyone up to date on social media.

Karthik Ramulu

Karthik Ramulu


Karthik ensures we have refs and shot clockers for our matches and organises courses for people to become qualified.

Matt Dodds


Matt is in charge of sorting out coaches for our sessions. He works closely with our 1st/2nd team coach Steph and 3rd/4th team coach Chris and 5th/6th team coach Dennis .


Gemma Hopkins


Gemma organises our fixtures with other clubs and the London Korfball Association, and makes sure we know where and when we are playing.

Izzy Emburey

Team Liaison

Izzy is the first point of contact for feedback on coaching, training and team selections.

Helen Gilmore and Oli Cusack

Social Secretaries

Our social team, Helen and Oli makes sure we all have lots of socials alongside our matches, they make sure we have a great time and get to know each other off the pitch.